The Signs and Causes of Excessive Yellow Bile

  • François Du Port


When there is excess of bile the jaundice is of the same colour, the skin dry and irritable and burning when touched with the hand, the flesh beneath is wasted and the mood savage and vengeful with sudden fits of rage, and sleep is short and unquiet, and the artery at the wrist is full, frequent and bounding. The urine flows bitter and yellow from the kidneys, with only minimal sediment. If pustules mar the skin and there is vomiting, or the bowel’s motions are stinking faeces, it all has the same yellow lustre. Cold and damp are helpful, and the voiding of the bile comforting and useful. Prone to the bile is he who, always wakeful, eats but little while supping on sorrows: a man, hot and dry by temperament and given to fits of rage, when young, who labours to excess yet cannot usually, by nature or by art, evade the torment of the bile.


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