Treatment of Hydrops of the Uterus

  • François Du Port


To arrest the swelling of the uterus by retained fluid, restore the red liver and the darker spleen to their former healthy state and re-establish the menstrual flow. If it is evident that bile dominates the body, draw it out with rhubarb and manna, and give colocynth and white agaric for the humour and fern and senna if it is black: and for the fluid, give pale roses, diacatharmus and pastilles of colocynth known as alhandal. Then give enemas and suppositories often. Prescribe hyeris, elder, iris of course, and elder and a mixture of dill with two drachms weight of black hellebore, with honey and the oil of iris: these, known as metrenchymata, inject into the uterus, a juice that attracts water and mucus. And these are also dislodged by ointment of spurge applied to the belly, as well as poultices of snails and sulphur: and waters of sulphur, vitriol or nitre are helpful both in the bath-water and the drink.


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