Treatment of True or Simple Gonorrhoea in Women

  • François Du Port


When discharge soils the genitalia without itching, often involuntarily and without the woman feeling it, prescribe rhubarb and cassia together, or with lettuce, sorrel, hemp and rue, lenitive and chicory or senna: and if the body abounds in perverse humours, give often pink pomegranate syrup, water-lily, myrtle: and quince before meals is costive in these cases. Take oil of water-lily, oxyrhodium and Armenian bole and make a liniment for the loins, midbelly and hairy pubes: and of powdered Cyreniac carab beetle, mastic and rose apply the vapour to the genitals. Let the diet be delicate and meagre, and pink sugar-water should be drunk: and consult those places where I have dealt with the treatment of gonorrhoea and satyriasis, the one oppressive to women, the other to men.



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