Treatment of the White Flux

  • François Du Port


When there is a uterine discharge not of the ordinary colour, the woman has a flux that it is proper to arrest with those astringents listed elsewhere. If the flow be red, open the elbow vein: if pale, expel it with yellow rhubarb or some such purge: a black humour is to be purged with hops and senna and the so-called hamech: the antidote to phlegm is diaphanicum and delicate with agaric orally. If the blood is serous, hasten its outflow from the kidneys with fennel and white celery, so that thicker blood may be secreted and settle in the uterus. Drink sudorifics such as sarsaparilla and guaiac, devil’s-bit and warming cardoon to open the skin’s pores and let out filth. If the cause of the disorder be thickness of the skin, it is wise to rub with a linen cloth gently and again. Counter the flow and discharge the residue with water of equisetum and hypocistis, the infused flower and fruit of blackberry, pomegranate fruit and amaranthus flowers.


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