Treatment of Pallor in Young Girls

  • François Du Port


If pallor in girls is due to cooling of the skin by drink, or to excess of uncooked food, it is well to drink wine mixed with water or wine of absinth, and roast birds are good to eat. It is meet to take pills of hyeris and ruffi to purge the bile and phlegm that attack the stomach, and expel them in the bowel. And make pastilles of mint and nard, galingale and cassia and yellow rhubarb and add them to the white agaric and pale roses to make a sugar syrup. Take tablets containing powdered iron with delicate herb margaret, mastic powder, compounded alchermes, gemstone and agreeable galenic. Foment the stomach with warm cyperus, wormwood and odorous reed. If there has been excessive use of pepper, cloves, nutmeg or salt, the girl should swallow broths or butter with flesh of kid or calf and leaves of purslane and fresh mallow. There is no better purge than black cassia and tepid bathing should be frequent.


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