The Diet for Those Unable to Fulfil Their Marital Duties and for Those of Celibate Habit

  • François Du Port


If a husband performs badly, in that his sexual organ is lax and passive, let his diet be of good broths like turtle-dove and thrush, pheasant, pigeon, fowl and capon, blackbird and cockerel’s testicles, and eggs of tender partridge: and add to these chickpeas, beans, pinenuts, onions, asparagus, nuts of Cinara amula, root of wild parsnip and fennel, sweet almond, raisins if fresh, seed of colewort, dill and flax, the herb satyrion and leek, all kinds of shellfish, oysters especially, testes of fox and skunk, the organ of the stag, amber and musk, milk boiled with sugar, and the clovepink. Let restoratives be often swallowed, and satyrion as antidote. Rub in castor oil around the penis: and the flanks with powdered pepper, myrrh and grains of musk as may be required. Let him keep a good table and drink perfumed wine. So much for husbands. As for the celibate, black bread and thin wine suffice, with water of lettuce soaked in vinegar, scaled fish, cherries, plums and pears, and all that unfits for love and war.


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