Treatment of Renal Pain or Calculus

  • François Du Port


When constant heaviness and pain are accompanied by the several signs already mentioned, stones are located in the kidney. Frequent use of an enema and suppository relieve the bowel: and if the veins are swollen, open the basilic first or else at the knee or ankle. And with this give by mouth syrup of jujube, mallow, violet, maidenhair and black cassia: and Calabrian manna or lenitive or senna and rhubarb to drink in water of winter-cherry or of pimpernel: and clear terebinth, if washed, can be given by itself or sometimes mixed with darkish marrow: and purge with cassia or diaprune or diaphenicum, mildly laxative, if the phlegm is harmful and the subject vigorous. Infusions that relieve are made with red chickpeas and hop, mallow and marshmallow, asparagus, veal and kid: and use fresh butter softened with sugar, and juice freshly expressed from sweet almonds, with white wine or tisane or pure water.


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