Treatment of Urinary Incontinence not Due to Heat in the Kidneys

  • François Du Port


Dislocation of a vertebra is followed by perpetual micturition, a disorder not easily to be cured. However, rough massage to the loin and application of balsam, mustard with sulphur water, these do good: and if the bladder sphincter is relaxed so that the urine always passes, purge with mint and rhubarb. Foment the loins with rough red wine mixed with sage, rue, cypress, red roses, pinenuts, oak and alum: and inunct the perineum, kidneys, hips and loins with oil of ben, flax, spikenard, mastic, and rue. Several agents bring relief: they include the brain of eagle, the kidneys, brain and testicles of nimble hare: the bladder of pig and goat, fierce bull and mild sheep, the lining of kid’s and cockerel’s gullet, tongue of goose, and mouse droppings, incense, myrrh and cyperus, myrobalan and calamint and mint and ewe’s milk taken with pink sugar: alder and preserve of smooth coriander seed. Let a variety of subatances be tested and their nature reported.


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