The cruel dysentery, accompanied by colic, is frequently excited by fierce bile and salty phlegm. It is appeased by syrup of violet with cassia: and use an enema of soft eggs with milk drawn from the distended udder of a cow. Give hulled barley and sweet almonds with sugar, soothing emollient broths of partridge and fat flesh of kid or capon, and the jelly that congeals from these and tender veal. But if these do not relieve completely, if the fever is constantly oppressive, if the body is stout and strong, if the menses cease and there is no other kind of flux, unhesitatingly cut the vein. Then purge with senna and rhubarb mixed with prunes, sebesten and raisins. The lenitive called synthesis is helpful, and sometimes diacatharmus can be added, but not too much, and less than usual of agaric unless the origin of the disease is salty phlegm and raw humours abound within the body. But do not confine the bowels before the noxious humour has been expelled, and unless the natural flux has caused undue weakness and excessive pain.


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