The pain of windy colic is to be relived by enemas containing mint and rue and thyme, seeds of fennel, rue, bishop-weed and cumin, diaphenicum, salt, honey of the plant mercury, and oil of laurel and of dill. And let the fluid drunk be vinous hydromel or obtained from bark of cinnamon: and that kind of nut made from ginger and pepper helps. Foment the stomach with sachets of origanum and calamint and make a liniment of oil of rue or nuts. Apply an ample cupping-glass to the belly: the flame within will dissipate all winds and the frightful pain they cause. And if the origin be congealed or viscous phlegm, then give an enema: and afterwards a purge of mint, wild celery and such warming herbs, and infuse in this agaric, a remedy that draws out every humour, diacatharmus and laxative benedict, or hyeris, excess of which is bitter and unpleasant but succeeds often in expelling resistant noxious humours by the bowel.


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