Treatment of Splenetics, That is, Those Whose Spleen is Tense and Hard

  • François Du Port


If the spleen is tense and hard and burdened, first inject an enema, next purge repeatedly with lenitive or hamech, and added diaprune: and often senna, but uncooked as we have said before about the spleen: and such as bugloss, hop, hart’s-tongue, bark of caper, and add fennel and wild celery, which dispel the winds that vex and swell the spleen. If they are distended and bleeding is indicated, make a wide opening in the veins: first cut the basilic and later the cephalic: venesection is indicated for the spleen, but if you are fearful apply leeches, attach cupping-glasses and often boldly scarify to draw off the black blood. Rub over the spleen with goose-fat, calf-marrow and oil of rue, or else with ointment made of powdered scale-fern with frankincense and ammoniac, dissolved in vinegar: inunct the region where you feel the swelling. Make tablets of iron, scale-fern, coral, tamarisk, wood of cinnamon and powdered spikenard with sugar added: one drachm to be swallowed in the early morning, another in the evening: and drink ash mixed with wine and water in a vessel which, infused, lightens the spirits and removes care and provides sleep: but chalybeate water is more useful, more allegrative.


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