Treatment of Cirrhosis of the Liver

  • François Du Port


Cure cannot be guaranteed when the liver is the site of cirrhotic swelling: but as long as sensitivity and pain persist, the hope of recovery is not altogether vain. Therefore, if there is an accumulation of dense obstructing juices, open the pathways with wild celery, butcher’s broom and fennel: infuse together senna and juice of white roses and diacatharmus may be added, or diaphenicum, which rapidly expel from the bowel what otherwise would linger stubbornly. If there is fever and the veins are distended, open them, but not if the distension is by wind instead of blood: if winds there are, they rapidly subside when the vessel is opened, therefore refrain from letting excess of blood and coapt the gaping wound in the vein. But, to soften this hard scirrhus, take marrow of deer and calf and goose’s fat: and if you wish also to strengthen the cirrhotic liver, add to these the cerate composed of the three sandalwoods, nard, wormwood, rose and cold-dispelling myrtle: and a little vinegar is not amiss to secure more penetration, or wine if the scirrhus is caused by a tenacious humour.


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