Remedies Pleasing to the Stomach, Known as Stomachics

  • François Du Port


If heat affect the stomach and lead to vomiting and loss of appetite, give cherry, oxyacanth, red currant and pomegranate, medlar, service-berry, quince and those remedies that flourish under the sun: myrrh and fresh olives, citinus, flower of wild pomegranate, sorrel and red rose, coriander seed, coral, ivory hardened in fire, licium, cistus and hypocystis and acacia: all those that suppress vomiting and excessive menstrual flow. If the stomach wall is infiltrated with a cold humour, let it be warmed and thinned and its strength restored with both kinds of mint, wormwood, sage, spikenard, saffron, mastic, wood of Indian aloes. Give fuscum, mace and nutmeg, galanga, bark of cinnamon, cloe and hot ginger and amber of outstanding fragrance, myrobalan and those tears the poplar sheds into the river Erydanum that harden under water.


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