To overcome syncope, and to recall the spirit from the darkness where it has wandered, fill the mouth with wine, let the nose sense vinegar, and for food give broths, distillates and jellies, which are readily absorbed. And, to restore the exhausted spirits and expel the dire poisons and digest the humours, give imperial drink or theriac water or extract of bark of cinnamon. If the face and pulse give grounds for hope, eliminate the cause of this abrupt collapse. If it is excess of blood, fever or oppressed breathing, and if the strength allows, open a vein. If there is excessive bile or a sour humour, let a mild enema be given: or give manna, senna or rhubarb as cardiacs: if phlegm is a burden, add those agents we have described to dislodge the phlegm. If the stomach is sensitive, a savage air from different parts strikes the heart: or severe pain, violent exertion or immoderate internal flux, sleeplessness, grief, anxiety or pestiferous air: all these may cause collapse and are to be combatted by their contraries.


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