Remedies Against Diseases of the Chest

  • François Du Port


Those remedies that may be used for diseases of the chest include the following: sweet plums, the liquid cream from swollen barley, milk of sweet almonds, jujube with myxis, pine kernels, tragacanth, liquorice, gum-arabic, the white seeds of the silk-cotton tree, gentle mallow, the filbert, pistachio and honey, the juice of sugarcane: all can alleviate or prevent the fury of the bile. To cleanse, attenuate and clear the chest of phlegm, use raisins, figs, hyssop and maidenhair, safflower seed, white horehound, the small fern, potent gentian root, onion, garlic, leek, germander useful for the heart, ginger, origanum and calamint, thyme, savory, iris root, bitter dracunulus, arum, squill, saffron: all these herbs are usually effective. Use with myrrh and comfrey, coltsfoot, mint, scabious and pimpernel which absorbs pus and arrests its flow. The lung of fox and terebinth dry up the ulcers of the lung and inhibit dire spread of the consumption.


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