Treatment of Inflammation of the Ear

  • François Du Port


When fever is linked with piercing pain in the ear, the danger is greater the more it is felt internally: and that the patient should not be soon afflicted by the frenzy, first give a suppository or an enema, and open the median vein and the cephalic too repeatedly, if the patient’s strength allows. Gently purge the lower belly of the hot humours that afflict the brain: cup the shoulders and back and set on fire to extract excess heat from the site. First put warm oxyrhodium in the ear: and if the inflammation is severe, secure sound sleep with a decoction of rose and poppy: and, if you wish to relieve the pain, take a bag of mallow cooked with milk and apply when hot to the region of the painful ear. And if this does not relieve the pain and suppuration is desired, make a poultice of flax and flour of fenugreek with water and oil of goose and fowl. Cleanse the sore place with hydromel, or honey mixed with a bitch’s milk, or syrup of wormwood and dried roses.


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