When the headache is long-standing, various remedies are available: of these try the more moderate, but seek the source of this enduring pain. Sometimes it is due to an extreme heat: if the pain is stinging, expel the bile with rhubarb and manna, and white roses have their use. If it is heavy, then bleed often: and if it is what is called basilic, or from the brain, relieve the pain with violets and white poppy, water-lily and flowers of this kind. But often the cause is a chill vapour, or the winds, or a cold thick humour: therefore frequently administer pills which expel the phlegm from cavities, or give a potion of diacatharmus or diaphenicum mixed with senna, for this alone can clear the brain, keep the body youthful and retard old age, voiding the darkest humours from all parts. Have the head shaved for these protracted pains, rub in with oil of spurge and castoreum, mixed with oxyrhodium.


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