Treatment of Quotidian Fever

  • François Du Port


When the main trouble in the daily fever is phlegm, this must first be overcome, and that by opening the occluded pores: and then one should cut the slow and viscous humour by dint of oft-repeated purging: for this phlegm must be dislodged and plunged into the bowel, which these have power to open: mint and balm and maidenhair and suchlike herbs, making a light sugary decoction to be drunk together with cinnamon and guaiac for a zest. If you wish to cleanse, infuse agaric: and as an antidote take turbith and scammony, for these conduct the phlegm. And, when all is in order, give turtledoves and partridges to eat, thrushes, quails and partridges: add salt to the bread, or aniseed, ground coriander or such: and do not give water only, but mix with wine. As for opening the swollen vein with the scalpel, activity of the disease forbids this: however, if the fever does not remit and the urine is thick and fiery-red, let the blood jet out but take care that the flow is not too abundant.


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