The Signs and Causes of Pallor in Young Girls

  • François Du Port


When a girl is pale, or blue or green, she dislikes proper food, is harassed by headache and slow fever, her breathing is oppressed and vision clouded, and often palpitations linked with fainting arouse a fear of death. And this is engendered by immoderate use of oil, and uncooked food, and fruit, and frequent draughts of cold water, or by excess of milk or confections of sweet sugar: or by gulping chalk or eating earth or other strange substances which produce coarse humour that blocks all passages and vessels and loads the stomach. And sometimes the girl may eat what causes the liver excess of noxious heat: like cinnamon and nutmeg, pepper and ginger, aloes and other spices from the Indies: which upset the menses and give rise to various diseases.


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