Meningoencephalitic Processes in the Peri- and Postnatal Periods, Including CNS Involvement by some Hematologic Diseases

  • Reinhard L. Friede


The fungus is a common saprophyte of skin, mucous membranes and intestinal tract of healthy subjects (Dobias 1957). Chronic neoplastic or nonneoplastic debilitating diseases predispose to candidiasis. Other predisposing factors are antibiotic or steroid therapy (Winter and Foley 1956), diabetes, nonmalignant disease of intestinal tract (Salter and Zinneman 1967), indwelling polyethylene catheters (Toala et al. 1970) or therapeutic dilation of the esophagus (Leahy et al. 1977).


Postnatal Period Chronic Granulomatous Disease Aseptic Meningitis Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Coxsackie Virus 
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