Distinction Between Amplified Noise and Deterministic Chaos by the Correlation Dimension

  • A. Freund
  • Th.-M. Kruel
  • F. W. Schneider
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All experimental data are subject to noise due to a variety of sources depending on the nature of the experiment. In a continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR), for example, relatively large concentration gradients may exist in the immediate neighborhood of the in-flow tube where the feed stream comes into first contact with the contents of the reactor. Due to stirring there will be concentration gradients variable in time which will decrease with increasing distance from the point of entry of the feed stream. Since mixing is not instantaneous, these concentration gradients may represent macroscopic fluctuations in concentration (and temperature) for time periods which also depend on the geometry of the reactor. Thus the CSTR represents a fluctuation or noise generator. Reactant streams may be important [1].


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  • Th.-M. Kruel
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  • F. W. Schneider
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  1. 1.Institute of Physical ChemistryUniversity of WürzburgWürzburgFed.Rep.of Germany

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