Measurements of the Tau-Neutrino Mass

  • K. R. Schubert
Conference paper


The tau lepton has been disovered 1975 at the e+e storage ring SPEAR at Stanford [1] and has been confirmed soon afterwards at the DORIS ring at DESY. All experimental studies of the τ and its neutrino v τ have been performed at e + e storage rings, in addition to the two above also at CESR (Cornell), PETRA (DESY), and PEP (Stanford). The r is found to be a pointlike spin-1/2 particle with mass (1784 ± 3) MeV [2]. Its production cross section is shown in fig. 1, and with the known integrated luminosities of the five storage rings over the last 12 years we estimate that the world production of τ leptons has been about 3 · 106 so far.


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