Histomorphometry of Free Cortical Bone Autograft Incorporation. Comparison Between Autografted and Allografted Segmental Cortical Bone

  • C. Delloye
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Bone grafting plays a key role in the reconstruction of skeletal defects. Contrary to metallic implant, it provides biological fixation for soft tissue and is progressively anchored to the host bone. Although autograft remains the best grafting material, its supply is often limited in extensive bone loss so that the use of an allograft is mandatory in the management of severe bone defect. In the search of an effective bone substitute to cortical bone defects, the natural history of the cortical bone auto- and allograft incorporation must first be assessed. The aim of this study was to delineate a general pattern of autografted cortical bone healing and to compare it to the incorporation of different bone allografts, including HCl-demineralized segmental bone.


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