Ischemic Vascular Disease of Post-Traumatic Bone Sepsis

  • C. Mialhe
  • M. Brice
  • C. Amicabile
Conference paper


Bone reconstruction is usually described as a pathogen-free step in the treatment of delayed post-traumatic infection. The results of bone reconstruction have been improved by the use of microvascularized bone-free flaps [4–6]. By immediately revascularizing the bone graft, a functional cell population potentially able to heal per primam is preserved. Therefore, the authors became interested in the development of a canine model of induced bone infection and in the study of the behaviour of microvascularized bone grafts in a septic recipient site.


Bacillus Nylon Crest Staphylococcus Osteomyelitis 


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  • C. Mialhe
  • M. Brice
  • C. Amicabile

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