Changes in Femoral Head Blood Flow Associated with Exposure to Compressed Air

  • T. R. C. Davis
  • J. Pooley
Conference paper


Although it is recognised that caisson disease of bone is a type of avascular necrosis of bone, the mechanism of bone infarction is not known with certainty. Furthermore, there has been little agreement between the various investigators who have studied the effect of exposure to compressed air on bone blood flow. Reductions in femoral head blood flow following decompression from a hyperbaric environment have been demonstrated in the dog (Bove et al. 1977) and minipig (Thomas 1983). However, in the rabbit there is evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to compressed air causes a reduction in the blood flow of bone marrow (Pooley and Walder 1979; Thomas 1983). This research study has further investigated the effect of exposure to compressed air on the bone blood flow of the rabbit.


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  • J. Pooley

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