Dose-Dependent Reduction of Bone Blood Flow and 85Sr Clearance Caused by Prostaglandin E2

  • E. Cochrane
  • R. H. Fleming
  • I. D. McCarthy


Osteolytic effects of series E prostaglandins are well established in vitro and in vivo (Klein and Raisz 1970; Vanderwiel and Talmage 1979), and it has also been reported that the injection of massive doses of native prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) into rats can enhance bone mineralisation (Uemo et al. 1984). Recent reports have claimed that 16–16 dimethyl PGE2 produced inhibition of 45Ca uptake in chicks. It was suggested that this represented a novel response, but the possibility of an indirect vascular mechanism was also discussed. In this paper, we have investigated the relationship between the inhibition of mineral uptake by PGE2 and changes in bone blood flow. This has then been compared with the response due to the vasoactive effect of noradrenaline.


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  • E. Cochrane
  • R. H. Fleming
  • I. D. McCarthy

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