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PC — Practica in Technical Mechanics

  • W. Wedig
  • A. Ams
Conference paper


Since three years the institute of technical mechanics of the university of Karlsruhe is engaged in the development of PC-software packages for simulation of typical problems in technical dynamies. This engagemant is documented by several papers
  • Computer Aided Lecturing in Technical Mechanics, Application Projects of Hector, IBM Application Brief 1986, No 4, IBM Stuttgart

  • Demonstrationsprogramme zur Technischen Mechanik, Computer Anwendungen Universität Karlsruhe, CAK 3, 1987, S. 21–28

  • Biegekritische Drehzahlen und vollständige Optimalfilter — Demonstration und Berechnung an IBM PC’s, in: Wissenschaftliches Symposium über Verteilte Datenverarbeitung in Lehre und Forschung, IBM Stuttgart, 1987, S. 243–257

and by several exhibitions, particularly
  • IBM-Kongress 1986, Technisch-Wissens eh aftliche Informationsverarbeitung in Hochschule, Forschung und Industrie, Dnsseldorf, 1986

  • Hannover-Messe ‘87, Industrie, Forschung und Technologie 1987

The main goal of such activities is to get more and more experience in software-engineering for demonstration and lecturing. Therefore, main aspects are a simple and secure handling of developed programs such that the user gets quickly experimental experiences with nonlinear problems in technical dynamics to be used for optimal lay-out of machine elements of interest.




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