Radiation Processes in Strong Magnetic Fields

  • W. Nagel
Conference paper


Since the discovery of cyclotron lines in the spectrum of the X-ray pulsar Her X-1 [1] much effort has gone into theoretical work on radiation processes and radiation transport in hot (~ 108 K) and strongly magnetized (~ 108 Vsm−2) plasma (see Mészáros [2] for a review). Apart from its astrophysical relevance for pulsars, and possibly γ-ray bursts, this problem also offers a unique opportunity of learning about fundamental physics: the interaction of light and matter. I have been studying this problem for quite a number of years now, but only recently did I find a consistent and promising way to attack it—using quantum field theoretical methods. Let me try to convince you that radiation processes in magnetic fields are a challenging research project—a project which is just at its beginning, and a lot of interesting exercises in quantum electrodynamics are still in store. But before I come to these fundamental aspects let me talk about the astrophysical background of the problem.


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