Multicentricity of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

  • M. Reitzenstein
  • A. H. Tulusan
  • N. Bauer
  • G. Ronay
Conference paper


The increasing treatment of breast cancer with breast-conserving surgery has reopened the discussion of multicentricity in breast cancer. To help answer this question we made a careful histological examination of 192 breasts with either invasive cancer or ductular carcinoma in situ (CDIS) using the radial technique of whole-organ sectioning [4]. The frequency of multicentricity was estimated in 104 invasive breast cancers, 20 microinvasive cancers and 68 cases of CDIS.


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  • M. Reitzenstein
  • A. H. Tulusan
  • N. Bauer
  • G. Ronay

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