Conclusion and Outlook

  • Rainer Lässer
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An attempt has been made to address many different tritium-related topics, for instance, production of tritium in the atmosphere, in reactors, in nuclear explosions and in future fusion reactors, risks of tritium, release of tritium to the environment, ways of doping metals with tritium and the detection of tritium in metals. In addition, various aspects of T and 3He in MTr0−cHec have been reviewed.


Optical Phonon Hydrogen Isotope Nuclear Explosion Inelastic Neutron Scattering Tritium Absorption 
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    During publication, a further paper appeared discussing the optical phonons of tritium in the β-phase of vanadium (J.J. Rush, N.F. Berk, A. Magerl, J.M. Rowe, J.L. Provo: Phys. Rev. B 37, 7901 (1988))CrossRefADSGoogle Scholar

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