New Theory for Competing Interactions and Microstructures in Partially Ordered (Liquid-Crystalline) Phases

  • F. Dowell
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 27)


A summary of results from a unique statistical-physics theory to predict and explain competing interactions and resulting microstructures in some partially-ordered [in this case, liquid-crystalline (LC)] phases is presented. The static aspects of both partial orientational and partial positional ordering of the molecules into various microstructures in these phases (including the incommensurate smectic-Ad phase) can be understood in terms of various competing interactions (both entropic and energetic) involved in the packing together of the different molecular sub-units at given pressures and temperatures. These microstructures are predicted and explained (using no ad hoc or arbitrarily adjustable parameters) as a function of molecule chemical structure [including lengths and shapes (from bond lengths and angles), intramolecular rotations, site-site polarizabilities and pair potentials, dipole moments, etc.]. Theoretical results are presented for the nematic, re-entrant nematic, smectic-Ad, and smectic-Al LC phases and the isotropic liquid phase.


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  • F. Dowell
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  1. 1.Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National LaboratoryUniversity of CaliforniaLos AlamosUSA

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