Polyalkylated benzenes — production and uses

  • Heinz-Gerhard Franck
  • Jürgen Walter Stadelhofer


Petroleum- and coal-derived heavy gasoline fractions with a boiling range of around 160 to 220 °C contain polymethylated benzenes, such as trimethylbenzenes (pseudocumene, mesitylene and hemimellitene), together with the tetramethylated benzenes durene, isodurene and prehnitene. Indane and indene compounds, penta- and hexamethylbenzene and cumene, are also present in these heavy gasoline fraction. (Cumene is predominantly converted to phenol as described in Chapter 5.2).


Distillation Column Phenyl Isocyanate Pyromellitic Dianhydride Indene Compound Trimellitic Anhydride 
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