Intratumoral Fibrin Stabilization

  • L. Muszbek
  • R. Ádány


Fibrin deposition in the interstitial space of the stroma of malignant tumours is a frequent finding (see reviews by Rickles and Edwards 1983; Dvorak et al. 1983) and can be regularly observed, among others, in lymph nodes with Hodgkin’s disease (Harris et al. 1982). Hypotheses based on supporting experimental and clinical data implicate intratumoral fibrin in the promotion of tumour growth and metastasis formation (Laki 1974; Dvorak et al. 1983). Fibrin may serve as a barrier making tumour cells relatively inaccessible for the host’s immune response, may play an important role in tumour angiogenesis and desmoplasia and might support the implantation of tumour cells at metastatic sites.


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