Switching Requirements for Broadband ISDN

  • O. Fundneider
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Today, telephone, telex, and data networks span the entire world and they enable any parties to communicate with each other regardless of distance or time. In spite of their efficiency, these networks have one basic shortcoming: they are service-dedicated networks. A special terminal, a special network and a special service is required for each type of information. Users of the communication networks, however, would like to be able to use all types of information during one session. As a result of technological advances, particularly in the fields of microelectronics, optical technologies and software, it has now become possible to overcome the present situation with the aid of the ISDN concept. The fundamentals of ISDN have already been internationally standardized as have the essential items for narrowband services up to 64 kb/s. At present, work is concentrated on broadband services in ISDN. Standards organizations, technologists and developers throughout the world are involved in this process.


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