Tectonic Mechanisms Contributing to the Structure of Pangaea

  • Jean-Pierre Lefort


Since stratigraphic information concerning the concealed basement on either side of the North Atlantic is very unequally distributed, it is out of the question to propose a series of palaeogeographic reconstructions for the various domains under consideration in this book. On the other hand, the different methods employed to detect the concealed basement units discussed in this study can be used for a tectonic analysis of the terrains defined here. This is the reason why it appears preferable to conclude with an overview of the main tectonic mechanisms which have led to the structural development of Pangaea. At the same time, this enables a better understanding of certain processes which have not been fully discussed in the preceding chapters. In addition, this provides some insight into the problems of observing tectonic phenomena on the regional scale. Several geodynamic hypotheses are also proposed for the construction of the orogenic belts bordering the North-Atlantic Ocean.


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