Discussion Following the Report of Prof. Graham

  • Wolfram Domschke
  • Hanns Gerd Dammann
  • B. M. Peskar
  • K. H. Holtermüller
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If I look at the United Kingdom, there is no doubt that a group of patients for whom a prophylactic prevention of NSAID-induced adverse reactions seems more important than for other groups of the population. And I am fortified in my belief that the rate of adverse reactions in the elderly is probably unacceptable. I think in younger patients the rate of side effects is so low that one could never show conclusively the benefit of prevention. In the elderly this could more likely be done. In this group 2000–3000 admissions a year with serious bleeding and perforations is a relevant problem. I do not think it really matters whether they have an ulcer history or not.


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