A Controlled Trial of CPD-Choline Administration in Premature Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome

  • A. Valls-Soler
  • P. Sanjurjo
  • I. Lopez de Heredia
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CPD-choline (Citidin-5′-diphosphate of choline) is a known precursor of DPPL (dipalmitoyl-phosphatidyl-choline), the principal component of pulmonary surfactant [1]. The CPD-choline incorporation pathway is the main mechanism of de novo synthesis of DPPL in developing mammalian lung [2]. It has been shown that the administered CPD-choline is incorporated into the DPPL synthetized by adult rat lung, and by fetal lung tissure when given to pregnant rats [3]. There is also some evidence that CPD-choline may stimulate the synthesis of phosphatidic acids in both cerebral tissue [4], and in fetal rabbit lung [5]. Katyal and Lombardi [6] have shown that fetuses born to pregnant, diet-deficient rats, died from progressive respiratory distress in the first hours of life.


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  • P. Sanjurjo
  • I. Lopez de Heredia

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