Interaction of Vegetative Nucleus and Generative Cell (Then Sperms)

  • Tang Pei-hua
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Recently, since appearence of the new conception of male germ unit in pollen (Dumas et al. 1984 ), the relationship between vegetative nucleus ( VN ) and generative cell ( GC, then sperms, S ) in development of male gametophyte ( MG ) becomes more and more interesting subject for researchers. Dumas et al. (1985), McConchie et al.(1985) and Kaul et al. (1987) using computer-assisted three-dimensional reconstruction technique and light or fluorescence microscopy proved that, VN and GC or VN and S are associated structurally together in a certain developing stage (DS) of MG, while in the meantime Zhou Chang(l987) succeeded in isolation GC and S (personal communication) by artificial and enzymatic methods from pollen, but could not see any associated unit between neither VN and GC, nor VN and S. It is obvious that is due to the difference between DS of experimental materials which they used. Author has worked on culture of MG of Clivia nobilis and Amaryllis vittata in vitro for many years and observed their whole developing course (from microspore to sperms) by time-lapse cine-micrography and general cytological observations (Tang 1973), cytochemical observations on adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) distribution (Tang 1979).


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