The Therapeutic Response of a Variety of Human Tumour Xenografts

  • G. G. Steel
  • M. J. Peckham
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This paper reviews a research programme on human tumour xenografts that has been under way since around 1975. Its objectives have been to establish xenografts that are representative of a number of tumour types, to investigate their biological characteristics and to evaluate their therapeutic response. We have been interested in the evaluation of response both to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During the period 1975–1983 our major effort was on response to cytotoxic drugs. At that time it was recognised that chemotherapeutic agents are more selective than radiation in killing tumour cells, for instance, the range of sensitivities observed for different tumour cell types treated with a particular drug is much wider than for radiation (26). We reasoned that since human tumours no doubt change their biological characteristics to some degree during transplantation from man to mouse, it was more likely that the ranking of chemotherapeutic response would be maintained than that response to radiation would do so, especially since in vivo radiation response is so dependent on conditions of local oxygenation.


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  • M. J. Peckham
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  1. 1.Radiotherapy Research UnitInstitute of Cancer ResearchSutton, SurreyUK

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