Kinetics and Reactor Design for Immobilized Cells

  • Colin R. Phillips
  • Yiu Cheong Poon
Part of the Biotechnology Monographs book series (BIOTECHNOLOGY, volume 5)


Design procedures for immobilized cell reactors are analogous to those used for solid-catalyzed chemical reactors, with the major difference being that immobilized cell kinetics are used instead of chemical kinetics. The extensive literature for the design of chemical reactors is not reviewed here; for this, the reader should refer to one of the many excellent texts in the area, for example, [1–3]. In this chapter, special considerations for immobilized cell reactors are discussed. Special considerations for immobilized enzyme reactors have been discussed by Pitcher [4].


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  • Colin R. Phillips
    • 1
  • Yiu Cheong Poon
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