Psoralens: A Review

  • F. Dall’Acqua
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Furocoumarins (psoralens and isopsoralens) are natural products, occurring especially in the Umbelliferae, Rutaceae and Leguminosae (Musajo and Rodighiero 1972). They have also been isolated from microorganisms and fungi, e.g., TMP is derived from a fungus growing on diseased celery (Scheel et al. 1963).


Singlet Oxygen Oxic Condition Pyrimidine Base Nucleic Acid Structure Membrane Unsaturated Lipid 
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methoxypsoralen: 8-MOP


methoxypsoralen: 5-MOP

4,5′, 8

trimethylpsoralen: TMP


aminomethyl–4,5′, 8-triraethylpsoralen: AMT


hydroxymethyl–4,5′, 8-trimethylpsoralen: TMT


trimethylangelicin: TMA


carbethoxypsoralen: 3-CPs.


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