Chaotic Dynamical Systems as Machines

  • J. L. McCauley
Conference paper
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The subject of this discussion belongs to no single well-established field but overlaps physics, mathematics and computer science. It can begin with a rather simple question, “when can a chaotic dynamical system be regarded as a machine, or as a model of a machine?” Also, “when is the output (behaviour) of a machine chaotic?” The two questions are related and one is led to them by asking, “to what extent is the orbit of a deterministic but chaotic dynamical system computable?” and, “in what sense is such a computed orbit chaotic?” In the past, appeals have been made to symbolic dynamics and to algorithmic complexity, but those efforts have not resolved these questions. The systems that we shall concentrate upon are purely deterministic, so that the chaos must be generated entirely by the dynamical system during the computation, and not by the effect of any external noise.


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