Loco-Regional Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment, with Special Reference to Isolation Perfusion

  • S. P. Israëls
Conference paper
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The idea of loco-regional treatment arises from the lack of selectivity of the available chemotherapeutic agents. For most tumours the amount of drug that can be given without unacceptable effects (toxicity) on the normal tissues is not enough. The second idea is that more drug is more effective on tumour response. This is not necessarily always the case in all tumour-drug combinations. The third idea stems from the fact that malignant tumours are different in their metastasizing behaviour. Some tumours metastasize widely through the body in an early stage; others have hardly any metastasizing tendency. The ideal indication for regional therapies therefore remains limited to tumours that have for a prolonged period only a regional spread. Deviation from this concept makes only sense for tumours in a systemically inaccessible location or for palliation.


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