Nitrogen Fixing Ability of Azospirillum Lipoferum in a Spermosphere System in Relation to Former Growth Conditions

  • Debendra Nath Nayak
Conference paper


Cells of an Azospirillum lipoferum strain isolated from rice roots were grown in both nitrogen fixing condition [in Enriched malate broth in an atm. containing 1% O2, 30% N2 and 69% Ar] and non fixing condition [in nutrient broth] to check their associative ability with the rice roots. After growing the bacteria in two different conditions the associative nitrogen fixing ability of the inoculum was determined after inoculating them to etiolated sterile seedlings of two rice varieties [IR42 and OS4] in the spermosphere system of Thomas-Bauzon et al [1]. The result did not show any difference between the both kinds of inoculum.


Nitrogen fixation Azospirillum lipoferum spermosphere rice etiolated seedlings 


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  • Debendra Nath Nayak
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  1. 1.Botany DepartmentJ.K.B.K. CollegeCuttackIndia

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