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Some of the muscle compartments of the upper and lower extremities are completely separated by fasciae. The intracompartmental pressure is usually only a few mmHg. For various reasons, an increase in pressure may occur in such a compartment which can only be treated by complete division of the fascia. If an increased pressure above the capillary perfusion pressure (approximately 30 mmHg) persists over several hours, irreversible muscle necrosis, with subsequent scarred contracture, will result. Although the final etiology and pathogenetic mechanism of the increased compartment pressure, up to 90 mmHg, has not yet been clearly established [3, 4], it is generally accepted that there is only one therapeutic possibility: immediate longitudinal division of the fascia.


Compartment Syndrome Tibialis Anterior Muscle Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle Muscle Necrosis Acute Compartment Syndrome 
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