Extra-intracranial Anastomoses

  • H. M. Mehdorn


Thanks to the development of microsurgical techniques and their use in neurosurgery [30], CM. Fischer’s idea (1951) of successfully bypassing an occluded cervical artery has become a reality. This operation, the extra-intracranial arterial bypass operation (also called extra-intracranial anastomosis, abbreviated here as EIAB) has gained increasing popularity in the last few years, following the first operation by Yasargil in 1967. The patency rates of extra-intracranial anastomosis are approximately 95%. The extracranial donor artery, initially having a flow of only about 20 ml/min may be significantly dilated postoperatively and provide a flow of more than 150 ml/min into the intracranial vascular system.


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