Large Scale Treatment of Dermatoses Using He Ne- and IR-Laser Radiation

  • S. Chlebarov
Conference paper


The apparatus 1 used by us has been developed for external treatment of large size skin areas. It is equipped with a He-Ne-Laser (632.8 nm wavelength, 10 mW peak power) and a GaAs-Laserdiode (904 nm wavelength in the infra red) emitting pulses with a peak power of 72 W, 200 ns pulse duration and 600 – 1400 Hz repetition frequency. The visible He-Ne laser beam also provides a guiding aid for the infrared application. The area of irradiation can be varied at different oscillation frequencies by means of a vibrating electrodynamical scanner.


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  • S. Chlebarov
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  1. 1.Abteilung fuer Dermatogie und AllergologieKlinik Borkum Riff der BfABorkumGermnay

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