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The classic cytochemical Golgi reactions include “metallic impregnation techniques” (e.g., reduction of silver salts, prolonged osmification, osmium iodide reactions, Friend and Murray 1965; Locke and Huie 1983; lead staining, McClintock and Locke 1982), the enzyme-cytochemical localization of TPPase, NDPase, and AcPase (e.g., Barka 1964; Novikoff and Goldfischer 1961), as well as cytochemical techniques for localizing complex carbohydrates (high iron diamine, periodic acid silver techniques, Rambourg et al. 1969; Spicer and Schulte 1982; lectin cytochemistry, pp. 42–55). Cytochemical procedures for demonstration of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphatase (NADPase) have recently been described (Smith 1980, 1981) and employed at several cell types (e.g., Clermont et al. 1981; Parsons and Smith 1984).


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