Values of the Rain Forest

  • Marius Jacobs


At least three authors have, independently, tried to outline the range of assets to the world which the tropical rain forests represent (Jacobs 1976a 1978c; Budowski 1976; Poore 1976a). Their ideas cover a wide spectrum, and it may help to summarize them here. We can reduce them to 12 points of varying complexity. The rain forests serve as:
  1. a)

    Supply of wood;

  2. b)

    Retention of soil;

  3. c)

    Regulation of run-off;

  4. d)

    Stabilization of climate;

  5. e)

    Source of minor forest products;

  6. f)

    Pool of new useful plant species;

  7. g)

    Pool of genetic material useful in other ways;

  8. h)

    Home and food source of animals, and of hunting-gathering tribes;

  9. i)

    Matrix of evolution;

  10. j)

    Source of knowledge;

  11. k)

    Object of respect for the creation;

  12. l)

    Medium for education and recreation.



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