Unrecognized Abnormal Osseous Metabolic Activity About the Knee of Patients with Symptomatic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

  • S. F. Dye
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A primary treatment goal of young adults with symptomatic anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees is the prevention or amelioration of early degenerative arthritis. Current methods of documenting the development of degenerative changes about the knee include roentgenographic evaluation and direct intra-articular examination. At our institution over the past 5 years we have gained experience in utilizing technetium 99m bone scans in the evaluation of patients with patellofemoral symptoms and found this technique to indicate often an objective osseous abnormality in the presence of normal roentgenographic and arthroscopic findings. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a group of patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees with technetium 99m bone scans in order to delineate possible sites of abnormal osseous metabolic activity about the knee, as compared with arthroscopic and roentgenographic findings.


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